Refuge House

Shan Pompey (left), Refuge House’s assistant director, accepts the donations from GRM2 founder Judith Hawkins (center) and Angelia Bates, GRM2 treasurer (right).


Thanks to your generous giving, GRM2 has supported Refuge House with more than $100 of natural hair products and $50 for bus passes in both March and April. This will be a recurring monthly gift

Refuge House, based in Tallahassee, Fla., assists victims of domestic violence and their families.

“Refuge House was so happy to have [former] Judge Judith Hawkins and Ms. Angelia Bates of GRM2 bring in some much-needed hair and spa products for our ladies in shelter,” the organization posted on its Facebook page. “Our Assistant Director, Shan Pompey, was eager to make sure our ladies received these bundles of love! Thank you so much, GRM2!”

These gifts are a recurring commitment, so your continued support is requested. The ladies look forward to the products both for themselves and their children. The need for bus passes will increase moving into the summer. Children will be on summer vacation and parents seeking employment will need to deliver completed job applications.